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The use of physical methods to assist recovery of damaged tissue, especially in muscles and joints.

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A physical therapist provides services that help

  • restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain,
    prevent permanent disabilities, limit permanent disabilities

The physical therapist

  • examines the patient's medical history

  • tests and measures the patient's strength, range of motion,
    balance, coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration
    and motor function

The patient's treatment typically includes

  • exercise, which may focus on endurance, strength and flexibility

To reduce swelling, the use of

  • ultrasound, hot packs, cold compresses and electrical stimulation

To reduce pain, and improve flexibility and circulation, physical therapists may use

  • traction , deep-tissue massage

To help with mobility and dexterity, physical therapists teach patients how to use

  • prostheses, crutches, wheelchairs, other adaptive devices




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