trading as  Calder Hall Medical Centre



The medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system.

To make an appointment, please call our Reception Desk  (868) 660 7873 or  (868) 639 8516


Full Obstetric and Gynaelogology Services will be available soon with use of our OP Theatre for deliveries at CHMC


  • Managing pregnancies

  • Salpingogram - X-Ray of the fallopian tubes for Irregular periods, causes for infertility

  • Assessment of pelvic masses, abnormal menstrual cycles and vaginal discharge

  • Birth control

  • Pap Tests

  • Mammogram

  • Cancer screening

  • Deliveries (at CHMC)

  • Breast and Pelvic Ultrasounds

  • Tests and management of STDs




Ultrasound of baby in uterus


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